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I was born in 1992 the same year Disneyland Paris was born. I am a true Disney freak, I have collected a room full of Disney Parks memorabilia and I am now studying landscape architecture at Cal Poly SLO, which should come in handy since I want to become an Imagineer. I made this site to share the amazing qualities of The Walt Disney Company for the world's enjoyment.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland

Since the new Alice in Wonderland movie is coming out soon I decided to make a picture and video tour of the classic Disneyland ride.
The attraction first opened on June 14, 1958 and is the second ride themed off the movie Alice in Wonderland. People do not understand why Walt made this ride because he said that his movie "lacked heart" and the movie was almost a box office failure when it was first released in 1951. Years later though the movie is a success and the ride is one of the most popular attractions in Fantasyland. This ride is also one of the only rides in the park that closes when it rains.

Just like most of the rides in Fantasyland this ride also got a facelift and latter opened in 1984 with the new Fantasyland. The ride follows the path of the movie, as the riders (as Alice) follow the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole into Wonderland. They go through scenes in a madcap fashion, facing the wrath of angry flowers on a golden afternoon and dodging absurd creatures in the forest, with some questionable guidance from the Cheshire Cat. When the Queen of Hearts loses to Alice at croquet, she threatens to chop off the innocent girl's head as she (and the ride vehicles) push their way through brigades of playing cards. The vehicles then leave the ride building's second floor (a rare occurrence in a non-thrill ride at a Disney park) and descends by people waiting in line on a winding giant lily pad, before heading to the climactic scene at the Mad Tea Party. The White Rabbit ducks as a giant birthday cake with a dynamite candle explodes and the ride vehicles escape back to where they began. Alice herself is only seen in the singing flower garden hidden behind a leaf to the visitor's right. Below are some photos of the ride, the first set here are from the original ride before the facelift.

Below is how the ride looks now and in order of the ride.

Below is a video of the ride.


  1. Nice batch of photos there, I even recognize one from my blog! Just wanted to correct a typo on this post, the original release year for Alice is 1951, not 1954. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love that you have posted photos of all of the different Mad Tea Party rides. I have never visited any of the Disney parks outside of the states, but this post is getting me excited to start traveling to the Disney parks abroad!

  3. Thanks for the typo correction Matt

  4. Great fun blog! Just discovered it and will keep coming back.