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I was born in 1992 the same year Disneyland Paris was born. I am a true Disney freak, I have collected a room full of Disney Parks memorabilia and I am now studying landscape architecture at Cal Poly SLO, which should come in handy since I want to become an Imagineer. I made this site to share the amazing qualities of The Walt Disney Company for the world's enjoyment.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walt Disney World's Florida Orange Bird is Back!

The Disney Parks Blog said that the old Florida Orange Bird that sponsored Disney World's version of The Tiki Room called "Tropical Serenade" has returned to the parks, the article is listed below.
"Do you remember the Florida Orange Bird?
This unique character, who appeared exclusively at Magic Kingdom Park in the 1970s, recently reappeared on new T-shirts available at Epcot."
"The Florida Orange Bird originally greeted families at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland, where guests could buy frozen citrus drinks and shop for Florida Orange Bird merchandise. The character also starred in orange juice commercials and even had his own record, which was released in 1971 to feature “The Orange Bird Song” – a tune penned by the Sherman Brothers (composers of “Mary Poppins” and “The Jungle Book” songs)."
"Although the character disappeared from the park by 1981, Florida Orange Bird merchandise has been a popular collectible among Disney fans for years."
So I am really happy to see a historic Disney icon come back to the parks.


  1. This is good news! I wonder if there is any chance of the Tiki Room's "Tropical Serenade" show returning to WDW as well?

  2. That will probably not happen sadly because the Walt Disney Company just spent a lot of money making a new Iago anamatronic for The Under New Management show that is re-opening soon, but we will see.

  3. Maybe he'll short-ciruit or perhaps his head will fall off like the Fantasmic dragon at DL! We can only hope!

  4. Late comment, so sorry about that, but Walt Disney World has redone the Enchanted Tiki Room -- it is no longer "Under New Management". There was a fire in the attic a while back, and one of the birds was damaged beyond repair. It is now a modified version of the Tropical Serenade.

  5. Yes the Tropical Serenade has returned. When this post was made Disney first said that it wasn't going to, but thankfully they changed their mind.